March 23rd, 2006



hundredpics day 10:

Dude, if I didn't need to take these and if we had any kind of a dealer connection... That bottle of pills has a street value of about $450. It was over $500 when I first got it filled. I only paid $10 for it... And they say crime doesn't pay!
Puppet Angel

101 random facts about me, part the 4th

Because I know that there's only one reason y'all are on LJ... Me!
The other parts posted can be found here

29. Although I don't speak any foreign languages fluently, I can swear in 3. I can say "shit" and "fuck you" in French, I can say "whore" and "asshole" in Spanish, and I can say "fuck you " in Bosnian.

30. When I commit crimes i have to wear gloves because my fingerprints are on file with the Federal government from back when I had secret clearance.

31. I may be the only person ever to have a yahoo email account that has gotten over 5000 emails and not a single one was spam (except the spam from yahoo themselves...)

32. I don't wear white socks. Ever. I don't have any two pairs of socks that are alike. I only have about 3 or 4 pairs that are solid colors with no pattern.

33. I haven't shampooed my hair in almost 5 years. Before you get too grossed out, I do still use conditioner every day.

34. When doing my families genealogy I discovered that I am descended from Richard, Duke of Normandy through his illegitimate son.
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