April 8th, 2006


work, zoo, and the Pink Dress of Dooooooom

Done with my week of working down in Shakopee. It's amazing how a short change of location can change your mood. I liked it down there, but that drive is simply not an option for everyday.

After i left today I headed over to the zoo. Since they are still on winter hours, i knew it was going to be closing at 4pm, but since I've got a membership it's not like it costs me money out of pocket to spend such a short time there.
I saw the tiger girls, and the wolves. i also had my tripod and so was able to get some decent Lemur shots and Cotton-top Tamarin shots. Y'all will have to wait until tomorrow night or sunday to see them, because I haven't gotten them uploaded yet.

Tomorrow, i've got a wedding shower to go to for my friend Dawn, the one who's putting me in the PINK bridesmaid dress.