April 12th, 2006



It's official. hellbob and I are finally getting back to California to visit scubagrrl and Mr. Scubagrrl again!

Our last trip to LA was four years ago! And the trip to Washington State was two years ago. Now that we're at a point in our lives where vacations are not just pipe dreams I start to get antsy when it's been over a year since a trip.

We are going to fly out there on Thurs, September 7th and fly home on Thurs, September 14th. We don't have to pay for plane tickets because we are exchanging timeshare points for the tickets, and we don't have to pay for hotel because we are staying with scubagrrl.

hellbob may not believe it, but I was planning that we should go out there this fall anyway. So, when www.jamesmarsters.com announced that his only convention this year would be in LA in September I figured that was perfect timing.

Unfortunately they didn't announce any further info until the time the tickets went on sale. We didn't know date, place, price, anything until then. I was expecting about $150 for gold tickets and $500 for premium. That's about what the Toronto tickets were in US$.

So I logged on when the ticket info went up.

Sept. 8-10th? Perfect! I already had from the 7th through the 17th off work.

On the Queen Mary? Cool! What a neat venue.

One of the other guests? Jane Espenson. Cool! She's written for a ton of shows I love and I've heard she's a fabulous con speaker.

Ticket cost? $300 for gold. What? Wow. ok. I've decided I'm going. That's spendy but if it's like Toronto it'll be worth it. Besides, I haven't done any concerts lately besides INXS. So I peeked at the premium expecting to see $750 plus for the price. They were $500. And limited to only 100 tickets. They included a formal reception w/dinner, drinks, acoustic concert.

I waffled a bit, but I just couldn't pass it up. Not when the price between the two was so close. It seems silly because $500 is the same either way, but I wouldn't have been willing to upgrade to that if the regular tickets were in the $100-200 range. Apparently other people felt the same way because the premium tickets were sold out within an hour. If we had to pay for plane tickets to get there I would have considered not even doing the $300 ticket and skipping the convention altogether (but I would have been bummed.)

I was going to be a lazy bum on Friday and relax because it's a holiday here at work, but now I'm going to come in to work instead. I'll get my holiday pay, but I'll also get paid time and a half for any hours I work. So every hour I work will be like 2.5 on the paycheck. Depending on how my week goes I may come in Saturday morning too for a few hours. It sucks putting in extra hours, but I want to at least make up the difference in the two ticket prices as well as then cover as much of the rest of the ticket as I can.

So, in September, WE'RE GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!! YAY! I just loved it there last time we went, even though I don't think I could live there. And the weekend we're there, I GET TO SEE JAMES AGAIN! Two concerts, two dinners (one is formal) and lots of other stuff. Not gonna get too excited yet though because it's still five months away.


Music Meme stolen from hellbob and caitirin and freyajk

List 10 musical artists you like at random (do this before reading the questions below).

1. The Gear Daddies
2. Martin Zellar
3. James Marsters
4. Save Ferris
5. Uncle Kracker
6. Jonathan Coulton
7. Kid Rock
8. Mason Jennings
9. Duran Duran
10. Kane

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