April 16th, 2006


A very nice weekend


I could have stayed home and slept, but I made a pan of mom's yummy breakfast egg bake and headed on in to work. It was a holiday, so I got paid for my scheduled 6 hours at regular pay. Then I am also going to get paid for 6.5 hours at time and a half. So the paycheck for the week will be like 50 hours instead of 40. This is a good thing. Also, we did the breakfast potluck so there was yummy food too. And I wore Monkey Pajamas. This always makes it a good thing.

Friday night we went to Applebee's with kaldeth, kalfoley, Girl Child, and Boy Child. They all had shrimp dishes, but being a heathen and all I got to have steak and shrimp. Yum. After dinner it was a nice evening of just hanging out at their house. I got to show Lisa a few more Photoshop tricks. Also sent her a few links to useful stuff.


It was genevra's birthday, so we went to her house for dinner and game night. More people were introduced to Salad Bowl. Ben Affleck is not gay!! For her birthday gift I got Jeremiah for her. She said that she had just noticed a few days ago that he was sold. Hee hee! I pretty much had to buy him since I'm the one who named him Jeremiah.

Zombie Jesus Bunny Day.
hellbob & I trekked up to the boonies to go to my aunt's house for Easter dinner & the kids' egg hunt. I got to see cousin Lindsay's brand new adorable baby girl! Her name is Zoe and she has red hair and she was sooooooooo tiny and sweet.
And of course the monkeys were cute. They both did a respectable job of finding eggs.

I have pictures, of course. I may even get around to uploading them at some point.

hellbob has been playing some X-Men game on the PS2 all weekend, and I've gotten the urge to play Diablo II. Unfortunately my Diablo II disc is Windows only, and I can't find any downloads of the Mac version... *sigh* At least it's cheap now when I go out and re-buy it. And the Lord of Destruction expansion disc is bisexual so I don't need to re-buy that one...

And now I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don't wanna.