April 20th, 2006

Gabe yawn

I have conquered teh Evil

Well, Act I of the evil at any rate...

lucky13charm, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry if you are even half as addicted as me at this point. It is 1:00 in the morning and I need to be asleep. But hey, at least I killed Andariel. And my druid only died two or three times trying... Hey, did you send your brother the "porn" pictures? What did he say? hee hee

I have a very happy purring Gabriel on my lap and this is SUCH a good thing. The poor ol' cranky bastard was feeling poorly. He threw up all his food yesterday (except the stuff he didn't eat, and he never leaves food) and when he drank some water he threw that up too. He was also super lethargic and wasn't even meowing to complain about much. hellbob made a vet appointment for first thing today, and since Mr. Gabe didn't appear to be doing much better we got to spend lots of money on him. They did x-rays to make sure that there wasn't any obstruction of any sort. There wasn't. They also prescribed what is essentially Pepcid AC for us to give him.
He'd had a full blood panel done less than 6 months ago when he got his teeth cleaned, so they just drew blood while he was in, but aren't going to send it in for tests unless we call and say he's doing worse. The bloodwork alone would be $140. That's a lot of money to spend for something that just may be indigestion.
I stopped at home between work & school and he was already looking better than this morning, albeit still moving a little slow. Then when we got home later he was much more like his normal self, asking for food even.
If he was younger I don't think we would have worried so much, but this guy is almost 15 years old. That's pretty darn old for a cat.
So, it appears that Gabe is on the mend, thank the Gods.

And now, time to drag my overly tired ass off to bed. I'll upload my hundredpics pictures tomorrow...