April 24th, 2006


hundredpics, day 42

On the day of the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, I present to you the Gabriel cat. He is feeling much better after being sick last week. The pukage has stopped. He is acting his normal self. He's even eating a little, just not as much as before.


Pic spam post

I'll put the pics behind a cut to spare those who don't care (although as my faithful minions you should at least be pretending to care!) and those who are easily squicked by big frickin' creepy bugs!

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Me & Oscar


hellbob & I went out to see Slither with kaldeth (whose face was all bruised from a fight at the jail...)
I have to admit, I don't think I would have gone to this if our favorite Captain Tightpants wasn't in it. It just didn't look like the kind of movie I would get into. I was wrong! I really liked it. It was disturbingly gross in parts and very funny in others, and often the gross & funny just blended seamlessly together. This movie is no grand Oscar winner, but it was a darn bit o' fun! And the song at the end? I just had to get it. It's called "Baby I Love You" by the Yayhoos. Emusic has it. Go check it out!