May 10th, 2006


127 of my closest personal friends

anonymous_greg was talking about how few LJ people he knew in real life which got me thinking about my friends list. I know similar breakdowns have gone around as memes before...

71 - Knew in real life before LJ
7thstranger, akdar, alisgray, aureth, bleaknimue, blond_bear, bloodlossgirl, chebutykin, cleo, craftygeekette, davedujour, davidkingsley, dewey921, dragonsden, eldogo,, freyjakj, frozendragon, genevra, geohard, gigglemonkey_b, gingerpook, gunthar, hazeldean, hellbob, hellziggy, jaconn, jcoppercorn, jenett, jenwolf, jmanna, jusui, kaldeth, kalfoley, kalmn, kerros, ksracxe, lady_gunsen, ladysea, lexinatrix, littlestllama, lucky13charm, lucyruthe, mhuot, michaellee, mightyskull, mle292, mnfiddledragon, moneygod, montechristobo, oed_1, passaddhi, pied_piper70, poipoipoi, poyboy, realsarah, romeoa, scubagrrl, shrique, silmarian, snoopygirl_niki, some_day_soling, stark0228, suibhne_geilt,tacoz4gir, technomonkey_m, heseamster, uglyzebras, vanaabegra, vorrant, windelina, wiredferret

9 - Met after friending on LJ
genpyris, irish_dragon, kafilipi, muskrat_john, nicepersonality, notmonochrome, raven_arani, theatre_nerd, yaaren

39 - Never met
anonymous_greg, boliviafang, boobieblues, caitirin, cathain_magi, crackle, dakegra, dibsy, elaby, entrenous88, felisblanco, girlmacbeth, girlpire, glamhag, herlife,justhuman, kajicarter, kniblet, kokopellinelli, lurker_dave, mcbarnes1970, mentalme85, minervacat, pafischer, roxy_photo, sarahlynnl, silentemotion, spaceagetiki, spankspike, spikeylover, stoney321, swmbo, trollprincess, tx_cronopio, vel_vette, virtualpersonal, visus, witling, zerbie

8- Doesn't count because it is someone's 2nd (or 3rd) journal
atrata, bombalurina, darkaegis, melhifzahneh, red_thong_diary, shadowcloak, teghrannah, ve_num

A big chunk of the "knew in real life" crowd are the CONvergence type geeks.
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Bite me!

Don't make me have to kill you!

The Veronica Mars finale was last night and it was apparently very "OH MY GOD!!!!"

I, however, have not seen it yet.
Due to Tivo conflicts and my addiction to House, my Tivo records the Sunday re-broadcast rather than the Tuesday showing.


Any one who spoils me for the Veronica Mars finale will die a slow and painful death!

It will involve some or all of the following: country music, the Macarena, Richard Simmons, coconut flakes, the last dregs of a pot of convenience store coffee, and George W. Bush naked.

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