May 16th, 2006


Day 64

Yes, it's true, I couldn't go too long without posting another bird pic. But that's just cuz this guys so cute. I caught him in mid-hop!

and for those who prefer mammals, while I was at the window taking the pic of the cardinal this guy strolled across the field.

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Bite me!


We all got a "too much personal email" warning here at work. So now I can't email w/lucky13charm & snoopygirlniki while we're working...
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Attn all my flister's who are members of the Minnesota Zoo!!!

Are you planning on going to the Africa: Summer on the Savanna preview next week?
If so, which night? It is on Wed. & Thurs. next week. I haven't RSVP'd yet so I can go either night at this point...
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Strange dream

I had a really strange dream last Friday that's stuck with me.

Rick & I were at a convention or reunion or something where there were a lot of people we knew, but hadn't seen for a while. I went to write either my phone number or email on a piece of paper to give a friend.
I couldn't write my name! The first time I wrote it I didn't think about it and then I noticed that instead of Sharon I had written Sahron. I felt really dumb for misspelling my name so I crossed it off to write it down again.
I couldn't spell it right no matter how hard I concentrated. I would write the 'S' and then I would tell myself I was going to write the 'h' and I would be convinced I got it right until I looked at it and it would be an 'a' again. I even tried leaving a space and doing the 'a' and then going back and putting in the 'h'
It still came out wrong.
I must have tried over 20 times but I just couldn't write it correctly.
Weird, huh?
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