July 26th, 2006

Puppet Angel

No birds here.

Well, I'm being deported down south of the river...

They are super short-handed and behind down in Shakopee and since I volunteered last time they needed one of us to go down there I was the first one they asked this time. I'll most likely be spending most of the month of August working down there.

The main reason I never want to permanently transfer is because it literally is twice as far from home. But, they know they have to bribe any of us to get us to go down there. I will be getting pre-paid gas cards to help with the expense.

But the best part is that unlike the last time when I was down there to fill in while lucky13charm was on vacation, this time it is someone else who is out and so I get to work with & chat with lucky every day! Of course I can't mention too often how much I'm looking forward to the September trip because she desperately wants to go too. And irish_dragon also works down there! Although she works doing different stuff and so doesn't sit with us.

lucky13charm, you should tell me what your schedule is so we can figure out if it's possible to car pool at all since I mostly go right past your place.

And you also need to tell me which Friday in August you get out early because I'm thinking that a 3:00 giraffe feeding might be required. You have to pet the giraffes. They are soooooo cool!