August 8th, 2006

Bear & Moose

East coast Jonathan Coulton fans...

From an email:

JoCo Bonus Show
This is all very sudden I know, but: I will be playing at The Lady Killigrew Cafe in Montague, MA at 8 PM on Saturday August 19th.

John Hodgman will be your guest bartender, so be sure and order a lot of pousse-cafés.

(John Hodgman is the guy who plays the PC in the Mac ads, and he's on Daily Show too)

JC's stuff is so fun, I wish I could see him live. freyjakj, I have no idea if this is near you or not...

And I still haven't gotten around to making myself a Skullcrusher Mountain icon yet.
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I don't know if y'all have noticed, but I'm really bad about remembering to do Happy Birthday posts.

I generally realize it's someone's birthday at the end of the day when I see all the other people wishing them a happy birthday. Then, when I think "Oh, I should wish X a happy birthday," I then think "but I missed Y's birthday and they'll be upset if they see me wishing X a happy birthday when I didn't post anything for them."

So, I just never end up doing any birthday wishes.

So, if I miss your birthday, it's not cuz I don't like you, it's cuz I never look at the LJ birthday list. I'm going to try to start remembering them though, k?

And now that all that is out of the way...

Happy Birthday to one of my Funny Flist regulars, stoney321! I hope you had an absolutely fantabulous day!