August 10th, 2006

lump yawn

Samurai swords and bigots

I'm so tired. Must go to bed soon.

Met kniblet and dibsy earlier tonight. They are sweet & funny & charming. Plus, they both have accents! Also met author Jasper Fforde. Funny funny man.

Stoney's post (linked to in my last one) is going nuts, with 10 pages of comments and growing!

Also, last night in uptown would be robbers were foiled when the apartment resident grabbed a sword from the wall to defend himself. The burglers were arrrested after going to HCMC with sword wounds. You can read about that in birdchick's blog.

I go sleep now. Maybe make a coherent post tomorrow.
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Yesterday's sword attack new story.

hellbob and I own several swords. We should start carrying them for protection!

Yes, there was someone attacked with a sword here in Mpls night before last. It was a guy defending himself against guys who broke into his apartment to rob him. 

The Strib had the most informative article of the ones I read:

And don't even get me started on the grammatical errors and just plain wrong words in the first few pages of the Kare 11 article! C'mon, you are writing what is essentially just a couple column inches and NO ONE proof reads it?
"It was just are 3:30 Wednesday morning"
"grabbed his roommates sword"  Does someone have an extra apostrophe, because there's one missing here!
"His feisty attack send the invaders running"
Really professional there, Kare11!

If you want to see pictures of the blood-spattered hallway walls (I don't believe any of the news organizations got inside the building) you can see them at and as well as get first person accounts of two building residents who didn't know what had happened until the following morning.