August 21st, 2006


The weekend's over?

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow! Why can't I just be independently wealthy and live a life of leisure?

Tomorrow is likely to be my last day down in Shakopee, if B. comes back to work. It will be nice to not have to drive that far, but I will miss the windows, and the company.

Went to Snakes on a Plane Friday night. It was a blast! It actually ended up being better than I expected. hellbob & I saw Descent today and it was ok. It didn't suck, but it wasn't really good either.

The Pink Bridesmaid Dress of Dooooooom is impervious to Rit dye. I tested a sample, and even soaking overnight in straight dye it was still pretty damn pink. *sigh* So, Labor Day weekend I will be shopping, and I won't stop until I have a dress suitable for hanging out w/James Marsters in a tux!

hellbob colored my hair for me tonight. I haven't seen it in natural light yet. It is either kind of burgundy or possibly a bit reddish. My hair will be a frizzy bitch for the next few days though because all the wonderful conditioners & such that you put in your hair w/today's dyeing kits strip out all my natural oils and so my hair frizzes like I'd shampooed it or something. But, in just over 2 weeks it should be looking good for the California trip!

Well, off to bed now so I can be all rested for another fabulous day at work! Yay!

More school...

I called the school about my dropped classes... I was dropped for non-payment. I couldn't figure that out because I should have financial aid to take care of that. So I came home and logged in to check on my financial aid. Apparently I had to stop while I was working on it before and I never went back to finish it. Grr. So now I am registered for two different classes than I was before and I paid for them w/a credit card so that when the financial aid does come in they'll send me a check which will then pay the credit card. Sucks to do it that way but I couldn't chance being dropped again. Now when I go in to work tomorrow I'll have to let my supervisor know what I'll be changing my schedule too. Basically the only change will be a short day on Tuesday now and having to work a full 8 hours on Fridays.
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Last semester's grades

I actually thought to go check my grades from last semester... I got an A in Interpersonal Relations which is what I expected.

But... I don't have a perfect 4.0 GPA anymore... I got a B in my Layout & Design class. I soooo did not deserve a B in that class! I totally didn't put more than about a C effort into it. So, I can't be too upset about a B when it was better than I deserved.

a torrent of ghosts

I might be bittorrenting the Ghost Hunters episode where they are on the Queen Mary right now... I forgot to set the Tivo for it when the ep was rerun on TV, and they only have 10 episodes on iTunes and none of those are the one I need either. Which sucks because I would have much rather just bought it than have to deal w/the torrent.

So this torrent has been going for a couple days now and it's been kinda slow since there's not a huge demand for it. Right now it lists 99.28% of the pieces as available. I have 99.14% of the file. If it stalls out and never gets that last 3 MB, what are the chances that it's playable?

Woo hoo! That last fraction of a percent came through! Now I can learn about all the ghosties lurking on the Queen Mary before I get out there!