August 22nd, 2006

Godzilla Grouse


So, do any of y'all want a Vox invite?
And those of you who already have Vox, I'm not using it for anything yet, but I've got vox accounts in both my RealName and HellZiggy, so feel free to friend me at either or both.
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Snoopy Dance


Yeah!!! I was at the school's website to see what books are required for my classes and I checked for open sections in the psych dept and there was ONE AVAILABLE SEAT in the night session of Applying Psychology!!!
This is one of the few non-graphics classes that I am required to take and most semesters it conflicted with graphics classes I still needed. Now I think I've taken all the classes that are offered at night so I was going to finally take it, but it was one of them that they dropped me from last week.
So yesterday I had registered for Typography 2 on Tuesday afternoons, and then was going to take Beginning Spanish 1 on Tues & Thurs nights.
But there was one seat available and now it is mine!!!!!
**Does happy crazy psychology dance!**
Now my schedule is a nice simple Type 2 from 1-4:40 and then Applying Psych from 5-7:40 on Tuesdays.
Two classes that are required and both on one day! Yay!
I had to sacrifice my leaving at 1:00 on Fridays to do it, but working 8 hours on Fridays is a small price to pay for making more progress toward the degree. Yay!
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