September 4th, 2006


"Let's go to the calendar! It's calendar time! Calendar time for Buddy!"

Well, I've got two different sized versions of my calendar up on now.
Much as I'd love to tell y'all to run out and buy them now, I've only just ordered copies for myself as proofs, so until I see the finished product in person I can't vouch for quality. But if you want to check them out anyway the link is here. In just over a week I should have actual physical copies of both. Of course they are likely to show up while I'm in LA...

Crikey. That sucks!

Damn. Steve Irwin's dead I loved the Croc Hunter. I've always said that if I ever made it to Australia I was definitely going to go to the Australia Zoo even if the odds of actually getting to meet him were slim.
All those poisonous snakes he handled and he gets killed by a sting ray... And Terri wasn't even with him. She had to learn about it from the police in Tasmania where she's hiking.

Less than 5 days!

It's technically Monday now! I work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I get on an airplane w/hellbob to go to Los Angeles. Friday night I will be in the presence of my obsession, James Marsters! Yay!

I went shopping today with non-LJ Jeanine, camel0t, and genevra. We hit the stores at Mall of America with a mission: Find hellziggy a dress she looks hawt in. We succeeded!
We actually succeeded too well at first. There was a beautiful dress at Nordstrom's that was PERFECT on me. Unfortunately one should never try on a dress before looking at the price tag because $388 was not so perfect. *sigh* Even with no sales tax on clothes I couldn't justify spending that much on one dress that will rarely be worn.

But we did find a different dress at Macy's that was a very good second choice. I put it on to show it off to hellbob & Ty before dinner and a picture was taken so I will post that shortly. The dress will also be perfect to wear to Darek & Nissa's wedding the Saturday after we get back.

But, now I must stop spamming and get myself to bed so I can make it to the zoo tomorrow for a giraffe feeding, and then to the mall with Jeanine to pick up some makeup seeing as how I'll be dressed like a girl on Friday!