September 7th, 2006


California Dreamin'

I think I remembered to pack everything...

I have Moose, I have laptop, I have camera, I have tickets, I have dress, makeup, shoes, I have gum, I have iPod, I have headphones.

Urg. I hate this part because there is always one thing you forgot...

But, off to bed with me for a little bit of sleep before we're California bound.
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We're here!

We're here!
Best flight ever! We had the exit row w/lots of leg room and just the two of us in the 3 seats. And it was a straight flight w/no stops.
We're at scubagrrl's house.
We've had In-N-Out for our late lunch.
We've got our car.
The neighbor has unsecured wireless.
There are puppies & kitties.
My dress did not wrinkle.
Life is good!!
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