September 14th, 2006

James & Moose

Moose's new best friend!

One more pic!

I didn't put this one with the rest because there was a woman standing right behind Moose and Moose objected to this. So I couldn't post the pic until we did a little photoshop magic!

This was the second time Moose got to meet James. :)
He said he remembered Moose from the pictures in Toronto! This makes Moose happy.

"Well, maybe in California, but here in Minnesota... Who-ho-ho-ho!"

Well, hellbob & I have made it home safe and sound! The lovely camel0t picked us up and the airport and we caught a yummy dinner at El Loro with her.
Boy are the cats happy to see us! Near as we can tell there was only one puke incident which was probably Mr. Gabe eating too much and too fast.
Now I'm gonna relax and catch up on some of the Tivo stuff. I've got 2 Supernaturals, 1 House, and 2 Bones episodes to watch!
And I'll be working on vacation photos while I watch.