September 18th, 2006

James & Moose

First batch of JM pics up

I've put about 50 pics up. They are me in my fancy dress, the reception on Friday, my lovely dinner companions, and James both at dinner and in concert. (And there is a Moose in some of them too!) I have oodles more to do, but since I actually have to go to work tomorrow for the first time in a week & a half I should probably go to bed!

All the pictures of just James should have a copyright notice on them. Please don't repost these pics anywhere without asking me first, and if I say yes, do not post them with the copyright info removed. Giving people the link is ok, but it would be cool to let me know just so I know where folks are wandering in from!

This picture posted below shows just how BLUE James' eyes are! I didn't enhance the blue at all, I just desaturated the rest of it.

Click here to find the pretty, pretty man!
Eeyore with book

Banned Book Week, September 23-30

The American Library Association tracks challenges against books made
in school and public libraries across the country. Remember, for
every challenge recorded, there are four or five that are not -- and
some of those regrettably lead to a book being pulled from the shelf,
especially in school libraries.

From the 100
Most Challenged Books 1990-2000, bold the ones you've read and
pass on the meme. If you're committed to the freedom to read and to
publish, pick one off the list that you haven't read and exercise your
library card or better yet, buy one for a child :-D

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