September 19th, 2006


Talk like a pirate day

LJ has done some stuff for Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'm lazy and don't feel like writing about it, so I shall completely and blatantly steal entrenous88's post about it:

Okay, it is worth switching over to Horizon just for today to see the LJ logo turned into what sort of looks like a pirate ship.

And the leeetle info-user avatars are wearing eyepatches! And Frank the Goat has a pegleg and is wearing pirate boots!


E.T.A. And and and your user name is your pirate name! Community maintainers are Captains, and members are listed as Crew! (They missed out in not listing those watching as "Stowaways", imo).

PLUS when you edit your LJ entry? It says "Edit Captain's Log". And Mateys! Mutual Mates! Hahahahahaha! Best Pirate Day EVER!

After all, pirates are all about stealing, right?

Aaarrrrr! Avast! and all that other piratey crap!!!!
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Important link

I don't remember who on my flist I got this link from, but it's important for all of you having sex who don't want/aren't ready for a baby.
I remember now... it was caitirin
end edit

It's a site where you can put your zip code in and it will tell you the closest places to get Emergency Contraception (EC), also called Plan B.

This is not the abortion pill!
EC is also known as the morning after pill.

If the condom breaks, if you get drunk and have unprotected sex, if you have sex against your will, if for any reason after having sex you are at risk of an unwanted pregnancy, EC can prevent it.

It is the same hormones as Birth Control Pills, just in a more concentrated dose.

This is something I feel should always be available to anyone who needs it.

Having EC available does not promote promiscuity and unsafe sex, it just prevents unwanted children. Condoms are still a cheaper & more reliable option. But sometimes they fail, and sometimes they aren't used.

EC is called "Plan B" because it isn't supposed to be your primary method of birth control. With good reason. If it is something you have to take, it most likely will make you nauseous as all hell for a day because of all the hormones. It's not fun, but it's better than the alternative.

So use condoms, because as a caller to the Penn Jillette radio show said, "I'm not a bigger slut because I have condoms, I'm a safer slut." but if that plan should fail, here is the link to where you can find Plan B.

Emergency Contraception, Plan B, Morning-After Pill...
Snoopy Dance

My semi-annual birthday post!

So yeah, I'm a slacker as usual. A happy happy birthday to all of y'all who have had a birthday in the last month:

joshuwain on the 21st!
mcpenguin on the 21st also! (although since he's in Antarctica it probably wasn't the 21st here when he celebrated it!)
lurker_dave on the 24th!

fiddle_dragon on the 4th!
eldogo on the 4th too!
spankspike on the 13th!
geohard on the 14th!
kokopellinelli on the 15th!
petsnakereggie on the 18th!

and the soon to be back where she belongs freyjakj TODAY!!!

Happy Birthday, y'all!!!!

Hope they were all filled with lots of fun and cake and hugs and friends!!!!
Affleck Angel

Hot sex on tv!!!!

Yay! My other boyfriend is on Jon Stewart tonight! Ben Affleck! (Yes, I know I've been all about James lately, but I still lurve Ben!)
So last week on the Queen Mary I got to see Patrick Stewart & James Marsters on screen together. Now I've got Ben Affleck and Jon Stewart on screen together.

Thank you gods!!!!