September 20th, 2006

Chiana & Gabe

I love my Mac!

K, all you Mac people! How come none of you ever told me how cool OmniOutliner is?
MS Word bites when I'm trying to take notes. Its annoying autoformat options and such make it a royal pain to try to type notes.
I take notes in outline form, normally using just dashes instead of letters & numbers. This nifty little program that's been lurking here since I bought my computer. Very convenient and perfect for taking notes in class.

What day is it???

My samples of the calendars came on Saturday. The large premium one looks GREAT! I just need to re-upload May's picture since I apparently uploaded two copies of June. Ooops. The smaller standard one I wasn't as happy with. It was cropped in more than I expected and since the proportions were different than the other one I didn't have everything as far in from the edges as I should have. So now I'm gonna redo all those pages. It's just a lot of tedious copy & paste & resize. Gotta get it done soon though because since that calendar is $10 cheaper it is the one most people are more likely to buy.
Plus, as soon as I get the pics reworked and uploaded i can start pimping this puppy out to all my friends & family. :)