September 21st, 2006


Happy music dance!

Over a year after I first "outgrew" my 15GB iPod, I'm finally getting a newer bigger one! Yay!
yaaren has a 60GB one that she wanted to sell so I'll be buying that one. it would be silly for me to get one bigger than that since my computer only has a 60GB hard drive...

What should the new iPod be named? It's gotta be a Farscape name since:
Laptop = Chiana
15GB iPod = Aeryn Sun
External hard drive = Talon
Small Jump Drive = Rygel

I'd do a poll, but it's late and I'm lazy. Which name for a black 1st gen video iPod?

~ John Crichton
~ Ka D'Argo
~ Scorpius
~ Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
~ Moya
~ 1812
~ Harvey


Hmmm. So far only Scorpius and Harvey have been voted for. I was kind of leaning toward John Crichton, especially since my other 'pod is Aeryn. I have to admit that I put Harvey on as an after thought and while I like the name, it's not one I was considering really hard. You see, all bunnies that I see in my backyard, or anywhere really, are named Harvey. Also on Farscape, Harvey was just the version of Scorpius that was in John's head. So the name doesn't really fit for an iPod because it's not an invisible psychopathic figment of my imagination. I'm still looking at votes. I just reserve the right to ignore them!


Just in case you are curious, it's Midnight here in Minnesota.
In Antarctica at McMurdo Base it is already 5 PM tomorrow!
And their weather has been at condition 2 all day.