October 9th, 2006

James & Moose

Remember me?

I haven't been around much lately...
Blame school & James!
Most of today was spent doing homework. But I have a kick-ass layout done that looks like it is right out of the pages of Q magazine!
Just sent an up-to-date file of the Coverville playlists to Brian for his ASCAP, BMI, etc licensing. He's just hit show #250!
Yesterday afternoon was lunch with genevra and two of our old high school friends. It's nice to see them, but my life is so different from theirs now that I have a hard time communicating and just plain relaxing. There's just not a lot in common any more. Then when I got home Saturday afternoon, hellbob told me that we were going to go out to dinner with Jeanine and a guy she's currently dating. We tried to go to some Dim Sum place, but it was closed for a private party. We ended up at Big Bowl instead, and the food was way yummy as usual.
As y'all saw in my previous post, on Friday night Moose & I met John Hodgman. We also got to meet author Neal Pollack and musician Jonathan Coulton. hellbob was tired and not really looking forward to going, and lucky13charm had to go to Iowa to sing in a wedding, so when I got home from work on Friday I set about looking for someone to go with me. camel0t wanted to but she already had plans. She did have the brilliant idea of checking with her man, Ty, to see if he was interested. He was and I think he had a pretty good time.
And now it is late on Sunday night and so I'm gonna go to bed!

D'oh! So I blame James for my non-postiness and don't say how he's contributed... Yes, I am still working on the over-abundance of pictures from the Queen Mary. Also, since meeting them on the boat I joined the Yahoo group where many fabulous women hang out, and those girls never shut up! It's exhausting trying to keep up with them. *waves at MS contingent* The phone's ready, give me a call!
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I'd mentioned going to the Hodgman/Coulton/Pollack thing to Brian from Coverville. Today I got this email from him:

You were wearing your Coverville t-shirt, weren't you?

Tim and Michelle Dressen of "Five Hundy by Midnight" sent me this email:

"Michele and I were at this event tonight—http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/entertainment/15686485.htm—and
were pleased to see someone a few rows ahead of us wearing a Coverville shirt. You're the king of the world."

You rock!