December 19th, 2006


Coverville email

chebutykin posted last week about getting an email from Brian Ibbott.
I picked on her a little bit saying "Well doesn't everybody get email from him all the time?" 'cuz there have been many emails between me & him in the last year & a half. (You don't get the title "Official Coverville Historian" from just one email, after all)
Well, Cheb, today I got one from him that made *me* squee! He loved my calendar and just ordered one!
I know it's pretty nice and I'm darn proud of it, but when someone I've never met thinks enough to order it, it just makes me happy. :) Family just has to kind of like it to spend the money. Strangers have to really like it!
Yay! This made me happy. :)

I'm on vacation!

Well, winter break from school, that is... I still have to work. I just don't have classes until sometime in January. Really should check on when they start...

...all righty then. Website says that Spring Semester begins Jan 16. I only have Wednesday classes so I'll be starting my classes the day after The Attack Of The Nibleys, Vol. 2 ends.

Fun schedule for next semester...
I have History of Graphic Design from 8:00AM - 10:40AM
Then I go to work, probably from 11:15AM - 4:15PM
Then I'm back at school for Print Production 1 from 5:30PM - 10:00PM

At least I'll get to sleep an extra hour on Wednesdays since I usually start work at 7:00AM
And the Graphics teachers rarely keep us the full class period so I'm most likely not going to have to be there until 10:00PM every week.