January 5th, 2007

Bite me!


Know what sucks? Grabbing your Post Office receipt to see where something you sent currently is and noticing that the receipt says you mailed it to Ireland. Ireland??? WTF? A "C" and an "R" look nothing alike! Hopefully the postal dudes will look at the envelope instead of relying on where the receipt says.
Also, it is currently in Finland! How is Finland on the way to either Iceland OR Ireland??
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Another lovely friday...
Everyone else here at work bailed out at noon. I'm here until 3:30. Just me, the supervisor, and Penn Jillette to keep me company. I've been listening to the older shows from before I discovered the show and started listening. The more I listen, the more I would love to just hang out with him.
genevra, I hung my squirrel-proof bird feeder yesterday, so I should find out this weekend if it really is.