January 8th, 2007

History of Everything book

Salad Bowl from last summer...

vorrant's Salad Bowl post reminded me that I never posted the funny stuff I wrote down while playing last summer.

hellbob's clue "I gotta have faith, I gotta have a pole to smoke" was, of course, George Michael.

"Big schlong, drumsticks" from hellbob again was all the clue we needed for Tommy Lee.

When some one started their clue with "There once was a girl..." two of us, in unison, chimed in with "...from Nantucket?"

Clue giver: "He built the time machine"
Response: "H.G. Wells"
Clue giver: "No, the one in Back to the Future"

And another one from hellbob: "In Peanuts this was Marcie's lesbian lover."
We answered correctly with Peppermint Patty which prompted hellbob's response of "Thank you sir."

And genevra apparently doesn't think ninjas are very quiet because she gave the clue "The sound a ninja makes" which is, of course, "Banzai!" (as in Buckaroo Banzai)

The tubes, they are gone!

We didn't have internets for most of the day today! Ack! It doesn't affect my work, but it does affect my ability to check important stuff like ElJay on my lunch & breaks. Also, I couldn't listen to Penn's show live today.
Apparently our internet was disconnected for non-payment because of issues from a merger of our provider with another one. They gave some story about payments not getting applied and invoices not getting received. Yeah, right. If that was the case and we had been paying but weren't getting credited they would have flipped the switch to reconnect it MUCH sooner, not after over 7 hours.