January 15th, 2007


punk boyz

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the idea of dibsy in a black dress and big black combat boots arguing with similarly dressed boy in a club in England sounds hot?
What? Just me?
Well if there were pictures I'd probably pay good money for them...

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If a medical director tells you to call in sick to work you really should listen to her...
Even if she's saying it just so that you can spend time hanging out with her and her husband. I don't want to be at work right now!
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Bite me!

Oh thank god my prescription plan knows more than my doctor

hellbob's company was bought by Boston Scientific so we have a new prescription provider this year, PharmaCare. Whatever. As long as we get our drugs for just a copay it's the same difference to us.

So yesterday, I went happily skipping into Walgreens with my methylphenidate (Ritalin) prescription all fresh & shiny and autographed by my doctor. Dropped it off and came back for it a couple hours later.
Couldn't get it.

Apparently my prescription insurance is worried that it may be overprescribed. They have to have an authorization from the doctor stating why I need to take it.

Now this isn't a refill that's run out so they need a doctor's authorization. Oh no. Methylphenidte is a Schedule II controlled substance ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEA_Schedule_1#Schedule_II_drugs ) so I figure that's why. Because it's Schedule II I can't get more than 1 month at a time. I have to have a physical prescription each time. The doctor can't call in or fax in the prescription. I can't get post-dated prescriptions from her. No. Each and every month I have to call the clinic to have her write the script. Then I have to haul ass after work to get to the clinic to pick it up before they close (It's for ADD! Of course I don't order it early enough to have them mail me the prescription!) Then I have to go to the pharmacy to drop it off and then either wait for it or remember to go back for it.
Pain in the butt.

But the best part about them now also wanting the doctor to tell them why she wrote me a prescription? (other than the fact that as a medical doctor she is waaaaaay more qualified to say what meds I need than they are?) They only want doctor authorization on methylphenidate IF THE PATIENT IS OVER 18 YEARS OLD!!!

Yes, in a country where almost all articles on ADD/ADHD are talking about how over-diagnosed and over-medicated it is in children my prescription company doesn't care if you want to give it to a kid.
But god forbid a grown woman who knows how to take care of herself wants it! An adult whose dose hasn't increased in over 4 years. An adult who has never done any illegal drug other than drinking alcohol between ages 18-20. Don't let her have that Ritalin! She might be a speed freak!
Fucking bureauocracy!
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I'm at work and I just soooooo don't want to be.
This is the last day of our Nibley invasion because they are heading back to Chicago tomorrow. At least they think they are. I think I will kidnap them and lock them in our basement apartment so I can keep them forever! It has been so wonderful having them here and I don't want them to leave!
We have snow here! Yay! It looks like a Minnesota January, finally!
School starts for me on Wednesday.
Urg. I have no focus today here at work because besides being in a "don't wanna be here!" mood I am also unmedicated. ADD girl needs her Ritalin!!!
And now my break is over and I have to go back to work.
*uses mental powers to Hiro the clock to 4:30*
*doesn't work*