January 19th, 2007


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I feel like I have a ton of stuff to do but I don't know what... Probably a side effect of school starting. 

I'll be picking up a temporary textbook on the way home... The $100 (!) book required for History of Graphic Design was only $60 on Amazon but since I got it from one of those affiliate people I don't know how long it will actually take to get here. We need the 4th edition for class because some of the more recent stuff has been updated what with there being computers now and such. But, the Hennepin Cty Library has ONE copy of the 3rd edition which I put in a hold for. The early chapters will all be the same and it will get me by while waiting for my book to arrive. I'm totally willing to put up with just a bit of hassle to save $40. 

I also have a bunch of Mix CDs that I'm working on making labels and song lists for. There is the Collected Smut Mixes since I believe I might be the only person who has *all* the mixes. Also, stoney321 has several BtVS/AtS character mixes that she made a while ago and I have all of those now so I want to print up some kind of booklet to go with the CDs since she had wonderful posts explaining why she picked each song and which part of the series it was relating to. Once I have that done I will probably further distribute them to any local folks that want them. Either on one mp3 disc, or on separate audio if the discs are provided.

I've got a bunch of music from dibsy that I haven't imported yet because I'm trying to go through music I haven't listened to yet and clean out the crap. I've got about 2000 songs that don't have a 1-5 star rating yet. Actually it would be 2-5 star rating. I have a system of rating on the 'pod so I know what to do with them on the computer:
*  I don't like it, delete it
** It is either an instrumental, or it is one I don't like but don't want to delete (part of a character or smut mix, for example) 
*** It's not a favorite but I want it in my biggest playlist for random play
**** I like it more than 3 but less than 5
***** Always good. Stuff I can generally always listen to. Also, my absolute favorite stuff. Mostly fast, just a few quality slower songs.

And I've got to do some design/copy stuff for Rick's sister's husband's business. Haven't looked at it yet, but in theory it is simple stuff. 

And I've got to order QuarkXPress. *sigh* I really don't like that program.

One heck of a retirement

When I am 87 years old I hope I'm spry enough to be able to handle a trip to the South Pole.

To take part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Scott Base (New Zealand) in Antarctica, Sir Edmund Hillary flew down on January 18th, 2007, for what is probably his last trip to the Antarctic Continent.

I hadn't realized he was even still alive until mcpenguin mentioned him being down there. The man has certainly had an interesting life!

He was the first person to ever stand on both poles as well as Mt. Everest. He is also the only living person pictured on New Zealand's currency.