January 21st, 2007


A multitude of Sharons

Well, OK, there were just two Sharons. But we are a rare creature, not too many of us under the age of 50.
This afternoon lucky13charm and I went to Birdchick's owl presentation at The Raptor Center and got to see lots of really cool owls.
Then afterwards we went out to the Mpls-St. Paul Int'l Airport with Sharon and a couple of her friends and tried to find a Snowy Owl.
Her friend spotted the owl up on top of a tower. We couldn't get real close because it was the airport so everything is fenced off, but I took a couple pictures anyway.

Who would have thought that one of the best places to see Snowy Owls would be the airport? :)

Monkey cuteness!

Hey chebutykin, there is someone who likes the El Loro white crack dip more than you:

Miss gigglemonkey_b decided her straw was for dip rather than milk.

And we have technomonkey_m pictures also. dibsy dubbed these two photos the "Kidnapped Child series".

technomonkey_m has been rebelling against his Monkey nature. If you call him a Monkey or ask him if he's a Monkey he says "I not a Monkey. I a BOY!"

And there were pictures of dibsy & kniblet taken at dinner but they had to be erased because of their weird photo evading skills.