February 5th, 2007



I had forgotten how much I dislike doing web pages! I'm putting one together for my brother-in-law using the info from a PDF file. It's not even a really complicated site, but I just get so easily annoyed with it. You can't just put things where you want on a web page. Every time you put something new it moves all your stuff around. Bleah.

In better news though, HellHouse is now a two Mac house. *grin*
No, not a shiny new MacBook. We have an old G4 tower now. It is the one that I posted the specs for a while back. $150. I'm gonna name her Moya since I have the Farscape theme going and the external backup drive is named Talon. I'm not planning on running Photoshop or anything like that on her, but I will user her to back up my hard drive, and also to burn back-ups to DVD (I only have a CD burner on Chiana).