February 7th, 2007

Chiana Blue

Amuse me minions!

I'm at Saturn getting the oil changed, there's free wireless, and I'm bored. This can only mean one thing...

It's time to play Cliff, Shag, or Marry!

You start with three names (either characters, or real people) and you have to decide which of the three you will throw off a cliff, which you will get to shag just one time, and which you will marry. Sometimes it's a tough decision because you don't want to throw any off a cliff, or because you want to throw them all off a cliff. Also, this is not a Republican run world in this game so you can marry someone of the same gender.

I'll throw some out there in comments, feel free to reply with your answer to the threesome in the comment thread. Also feel free to throw out your own threesome in a new comment thread.

I'm off to Perkins now for dinner so I'll be gone for a bit. Feel free to keep playing while I'm gone and I'll catch up when I get back. :)

And now I'm back!