February 22nd, 2007

lump yawn

The Guthrie

It's been a long couple of days.
Last night was The Glass Menagerie at the Guthrie. It was fabulous! Randy Harrison & Harriet Harris were both just phenomenal.
If you are anywhere near the Cites and want to see a good play I heartily recommend this one.
And last night was also the first time I'd seen the new Guthrie Theater building. It is gorgeous!

The decaffeinated life has me getting tired earlier and it hits rather sudden so I'm gonna hit the sack and update more tomorrow. G'nigt everyone
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This post is mostly for caoilainnand tx_cronopioand felisblancoand mr_felisbut also anyone else who's interested.

Do we seriously want to try to do IceCon 2008? 
The lovely Ms. Felis pointed out in one of her recent posts that Gay Pride is in August and there are a lot of dances and stuff going on then. If we decide to do it I can start saving the money for airfare and looking for cheap fares.  
I mentioned to hubby that I wanted to go to Iceland and he didn't freak out or say no and he would most likely come with. (Although he did ask if James was going to be there... He seems to think that's the only reason I plan a trip) 
penguins dancing

<-- Caffeinated penguins!

Hi. My name is Sharon and I'm a caffeine addict.

Hi Sharon.

I've been off the caffeine for 12 days now. Thre are some minor changes, like at night I'll be watching something or doing homework and all of a sudden *OMG I'm tired and I can't keep my eyes open!* This is generally sometime between 11:00 and 12:30. Since I've been known to be awake until 1:00 most nights this is probably a good thing. Just not something I'm used to. 
I don't need my ritalin as much at work because I don't have the caffeine fighting against it.
I'm a little more awake in the morning. A "little more" is actually a pretty major thing for me because I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor to I expect to be a Morning Person. *shudder* It's just not in my genes. I inherited my dad's Night Owl gene.
But the biggest difference?

Oh dear gods do I have to pee a lot now that I'm drinking water instead of Diet Mountain Dew!! I'm peeing so often I now know the cleaning ladies schedule of when the bathroom will be closed! This is a good thing, right? It's more natural to drink water and it's cleaning out my system, right? 

This caffeine thing is hard but I'm determined to make it stick this time. Do I get a special coin when I hit 30 days? 

*edited to add*  

Has anyone else out there ever noticed a correlation between caffeine consumption and finger nail biting? I'd noticed before that I seemed to bite them less when decaffeinated but didn't give it much thought. Then yesterday I noticed that a couple of my nails are getting long (for me long means there's a couple millimeters of white at the tip) and thought about it. I haven't really chewed my nails in about the last week or so... hmmmm.

Me &amp; Oscar

A dude named Oscar

So, the Oscars are this Sunday... And I haven't posted anything yet about Oscar watching. 
This is partly because I've been a bit lazy. Partly because this semester at school has me pretty busy. Partly because I haven't seen MOST of the movies so there's nothing I'm really excited about this year.


It is the Oscars and that requires snark. Because you *know* someone will have on the ugliest dress evah, and someone will be drop dead gorgeous.

That being said:

Sunday night at the HellHouse there will be an Oscar un-party. 

What's an un-party you ask? 

Well, we'll be watching the show (with Tivo delay for commercials of course) and I'll have a crock pot of some kind of food, but I won't be doing the uber-hostess thing. We'll call it a potluck. If you wanna come over bring some food. There is no dress code. lucky13charm and I are both planning to wear our most formal flannel jammies. :)  We also both have the next day off work so at least one bottle of dad's homemade wine will be opened. Because it is an un-party we will be picking up the clutter but you are not allowed to notice if the house is not cleaned to party standards. 

We've got the super big tv and the Big Damn Couch seats about 7. If we have just a few extra people hellbobcan rig up a second tv in the dining room (although we don't have stools for our new table yet...).  

Like I said, strictly casual. If you wanna come hang out to watch the Oscars just let me know. 
Just rsvp in comments so I know how many people I'll not be hostessing for! :)