February 26th, 2007

Godzilla Grouse

Sci-Fi Survival tips

The Sci-Fi Channel has these useful survival tips that it plays in the Sci-Fi Saturday commercial breaks. They're pretty good.

If you successfully clone yourself
It will probably try to kill you.

Wishes can be dangerous
If you catch a leprechaun, kill it.

When building an army of mutant super-soldiers
Don't use the criminally insane.

Not all monsters want to eat you
Some just want your skin.

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Did you hear that it snowed here?

yeah, we love talking about our weather here in Minnesota...

The Storm to Beat All Storms didn't really incapacitate us like we expected. The snow around our house ranged between 9"-12" or so. The roads were cleared almost right away. If I hadn't had the day off it wouldn't have been tough to get to work today.

I took before and after pictures.

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