March 1st, 2007


Turn the right corner in Sin City, and you can find anything...

A few random things:
The Police tour will be stopping in Las Vegas.
Plane tickets to Vegas are usually cheap.
We can get a really good deal on resort rooms through our timeshare.

Ok, maybe these things aren't so random.

June 8th, a friday night, the Police will be playing in Vegas. Hubby wants to see them in concert a second time so we are planning a weekend in Sin City.
If any of y'all are interested in joining in, we will be able to get a room/rooms for up to six other people. And a burning desire to go to a Police concert in Vegas is not a requirement.
hellbob & I are still in the throwing ideas around phase, but the tentative idea is to go Thurs, June 7th through Sunday, June 10th. While there I really want to see the Penn & Teller show.

So pretty!

Well I just went and made a preemptive strike towards tomorrow's driveway clearing. I'm so glad I had a snowblower because FOUR INCHES had fallen since hellbob blew the driveway earlier.

Also, I forgot to post the new tape measure picture earlier:


Is hellbob wrong?

hellbob says that women kissing each other is way better than pretty gay boys kissing each other.

I say he's wrong.



The results so far:
(Yes, I know. I could have done this as a poll, but then I can't reply when people answer!)

Pretty gay boys are better: 8 9
Women kissing is better: 6 7
Non-committal both are good: 1

Straight boys kissing are way hotter than straight girls kissing: 1

So my conclusion is that we all pretty much like same gender kissing whether it is boy/boy or girl/girl! I've got a bunch of perverts on my flist. Yay!! I like that!