March 5th, 2007


Got some sad news last night...

I was downloading the Friday podcast version of Penn Jillette's radio show since I hadn't listened live. It was the last show. He's not doing it anymore. *sob* That hour of getting to listen to Penn and Goudeau was one of my favorite hours here at work. And since I was at home on Friday I could have actually even called in rather than my usual email. *sigh* 
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My insurance company rules!

I know most of y'all have probably already filed your taxes, but if you haven't yet and you are a State Farm customer you can file Turbo Tax for free. After you log into the State Farm site there is a link that will take you to Turbo Tax Online. Ya don't have to pay for the program and ya don't have to pay any filing fees. Hooray for free tax filing!

Oh, also, any of you who are students and taking the lifetime education credit because Turbo Tax says that is the best deal? You should manually check the difference between taking the credit and taking it as a deduction. Turbo tax told me the credit was best because it gave me a bigger federal refund, but I actually get more money overall if I do the deduction. Switching it from the credit to a deduction decreases my fed return by $83 but increases my state by $112.