March 10th, 2007

Little Penii


hellbob & I successfully found our way to Chez Nibley about two hours and two beers ago. It's quite a lovely house! :)
kniblet has been mis-hearing hellbob all night. She must have sex on the brain... "Super Mario Brothers" was heard as "Sperm-ario Brothers" and "Sesame Street" was heard as "Sex Mystery."


We have 4 "cheap seats" for Vegas!
There were none available but we persevered and managed to snag a set of 4 that must have gotten released after someone f'ed up their credit card or something. Yay!

Off to lunch now...
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Cheese is good!

*happy sigh*

We are relaxing by the fire in the lovely Nibley House.

Stuff wot we done today:

- We didn't eat breakfast until noon.

- We experienced our first ride on the El and our first subway ride.

- We went to Millennium Park and saw "The Bean"

- We went up to the top of the John Hancock Building and looked down at stuff.

- We rode the El/subway again.

- We went shopping at the biggest liquor store I've ever seen in my life and bought lots of booze and cheese and meat.

- There was fondue and it was good!

- We discovered that Rick's calling in life is to build the perfect fondue.

- We really love our Nibleys!

- We will be roasting Peeps in the fireplace later.
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