April 2nd, 2007



After hearing about it so many places I finally signed up for twitter yesterday. Not sure yet what I think since I can't really utilize it fully at work.  Also, I've only got 9 'friends' right now and 4 of them are my 'followers'. 
(I also just acquired some Italian guy as a follower... I can't read half his tweets and the other half aren't really interesting...)
If you are looking for me there, my user id is hellziggy, of course!

Trading in a dead horse for an antelope

Well, the '89 Bronco that Rick bought 2 years ago died on Friday. Not too bad considering we expected the thing to just be getting us by for 6 months or so. And it still runs, it just dropped the transmission so it won't go anywhere. Hellbob really couldn't have picked a much better place for it to die. It was the bottom of the exit ramp near home and the gas station literally right across the street is the one AAA dispatches tow trucks from so he was able to just walk across the street, say it was dead, and get it towed on home. 
Saturday we went out in the lovely drizzle to look at cars. We went to the Saturn dealer first and we found a 2002 Chevy Impala for a good price and decided to get that. We go back tonight to sign the financing papers and Hellbob will have a functioning vehicle again! 
Of course, now he'll be able to sneak into the house all stealthy like since I won't hear him coming from a block away!
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Cheyenne Wright drew and posted this tribute to Joe yesterday. So appropriate because I can just hear Joe asking to play with the shield. He is a Kick-Ass Mystic Ninja, after all! 

I listened to the episode of Wingin' It that was recorded this weekend. It was pretty good and the gang did a good job of putting out a normal show. Then at the end they were talking about Joe and how he would be gone soon and that they are going on hiatus until they feel up to recording again. Ended up trying to see through tears to do my work. :( Cancer sucks.

Reason #534 I love my husband

While hellbob & I were test driving cars on Saturday he commented that one of them had a ton of trunk space (the Impala that we ended up buying)
I asked "How many bodies?"
He replied "At least 3 or 4"

Gotta love a man who not only measures trunk space by how many bodies would fit, but doesn't even think twice when someone else uses the same measuring system!