May 5th, 2007


Yup, still here. Still alive

I've been a total LJ slacker lately, haven't I?
So, what's a HellZiggy been up to? Not a hell of a lot! I'm coming up on the end of the semester and so I have to write a 6 page paper. I haven't decided who the second designer it will be about is but I'm pretty sure Chip Kidd will be the first one (I have to compare two designers.)
Deciding to do the paper on Chip Kidd gave me an excuse to go pick up the book Chip Kidd, Book One with my latest Borders 30% off coupon. I just got it yesterday and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. If I were Sylar I would put this man near the top of the list of brains to eat!
In other news, I saw Spidey 3 yesterday. We went to the Imax to see it. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately I felt the story suffered from having too many villians.
We were at the theater two hours before it started with a decent sized group. It was me, hellbob, kaldeth, kalfoley, lucky13charm, camel0t, and the LJ-less Tyler, Nissa, Darek & Mark. Two hours of sitting on the floor waiting? There's only one solution to that: Cineplexity! Easiest Cineplexity combo ever: Setting - Asia & Setting - Vietnam War or Korean War! About the only drawback to the game was the noise. It was hard to hear people's answers sometimes.
Well, I need to run now, because I've got an episode of Doctor Who screaming out for me to watch it! Also, I think I'm going to go make some pancakes for dinner.