May 30th, 2007

Bite me!

I'm not going Friends Only

*sigh* The LJ kerfluffle I posted about yesterday is still being talked about today. Oh how I was hoping it would be "nothing" and would be gone.

All over my Friends List wonderful people I know are going Friends Only. This makes me so sad because if they had been that way before I never would have found them.
Yes, there are many people on my flist who write BadDirtyWrong fiction about men doing BadDirtyWrong things to other men.

But... there are *NO* child molesters on my flist!

Since I don't write fanfic my interests are pretty tame and not in need of editing. The most risque ones on there are 'vampire porn' and 'spike/xander' and I'm pretty sure the "warriors for innocence" fucktards aren't going to be doing interest searches on vampire porn. Well, unless they are into that kind of thing, of course! I will not be editing any of my interests except to add such things as anticensorship.

As for my journal, it will remain as it has always been, 95% open. I've never felt the need to censor myself or hide and protect myself behind a flock. That's not going to start now. The rare times I do use a filter it is generally not because I am ashamed of posting a link to a fic or putting up a pretty photo manip of Spike & Xander, it is because I have so many different groups of friends on LJ and I know there are ones out there who have no desire to see such things.

However, on the off chance that I decide to take up goat-fucking as a weekend hobby, I reserve the right to change my mind and start flocking everything, ok? But if that happens I'll be sure to give all y'all the option to opt in on my Hawt Goat-Fucking Action filter.