July 11th, 2007

Wish I Was Dead

CONvergence is imminent! Er...um... CONvergence is over...

So, another CONvergence has come and gone...

Three days later and I still haven't caught up on reading LJ or posted about it myself. And it's not like I have work as an excuse... *sigh*

I really feel like I just lost the last few days. Monday was first spent sleeping in, then after only a few hours awake it was spent in a sleep coma to try to get rid of (or at least sleep through) cramps.

Unfortunately my right ear has pain off & on too, which I think means that the amoxicillan didn't really get rid of the infection.

A possible ear infection combined with PMS combined with lethargic depression at being unemployed probably contributed to the con having a weird vibe for me, as well as losing 2 days post con.

So right now I'm going to work on catching up on reading. Then I will post about con. Maybe not all things in that particular order.
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The sky is falling!

So I get home after a couple errands and decide that it is silly to sit inside when the laptop has wireless.
I gather my laptop, my camera & tripod (in case of birds), and go out to the garage to get my camp chair. As soon as I walk into the garage it starts raining!
So I'm doing the old man thing of sitting in the garage with the door open. Other than the non camera or laptop friendly wetness falling from the sky it is still rather nice out!
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CONvergence summary

To read various people's CONvergence highlights go HERE. chebutykin did a "tell me your highlights of con" post.
To see pictures of CONvergence go HERE for over 2000 of vorrant's pictures. I'm sure I'm in there somewhere, but I haven't looked.

Random Con moments:

*Room was ready when we got there so we could check in immediately

*North tower!

*My Beta Clone #131 t-shirt showed up in the mail on Friday so I could wear it! Picture already sent to JC Hutchins.

*Opening ceremony sketch was good. Apparently we missed about half the opening stuff though because we booked out of there when the Mark Time awards started. Every year I sit through them and every year they are too long and I get bored, so I didn't this year.

*Got to spend lots of quality time with the LJ-less Darek and Nissa.

*Played some Cineplexity Friday nite.

*Saw the other Sharon (BirdChick) on Saturday when she was there for the Raptor Center presentation.

*Moose did *not* get eaten by a red-tailed hawk:

*Ended up eating at Olive Garden twice this weekend. Service was less than stellar both times.

*Met kajicarter in real life for the first time. Kaji, you get to change colors now! My flist has one color for people I've met and one for people I haven't.

*I looked smokin' hot on Saturday night in my black velvet outfit and with makeup on.

*chebutykin was smarter than me and brought her Xmas present for me & hellbob to the convention. We didn't think to do that.

*The comic professionals panel was pretty cool!

*I got to see Cyd & lady_gunsen in the bar. I really need to see them more often.

*Moose got to meet a real live rocket scientist (Bridget Landry) and a Hugo & Nebula award winning author (Lois McMaster Bujold.)

(can you tell I'm having too much fun using Skitch to annotate photos?)

*Sunday's closing sketch was brilliant! Prince and the Electric Mayhem! The year 3007 film that romeoa put together was also fabulous!

*And, as has become tradition for me, the con ended Sunday night with a game of Salad Bowl.

I know I forgot plenty of things. But hey, my excuse for anything forgotten is "What happens at Con stays at Con!"
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that I flipped off the closing ceremonies crowd. vorrant had a slide show of 2006 images running while people were coming in and finding seats. I missed it, but apparently this oh so flattering picture of me from last year was one of the ones included...

CVG '06 - 0974.jpg
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