August 2nd, 2007


Because accidents make you think of things you should be doing anyway...

I was actually at Memorial Blood Center's main office this morning and saw their sign about there being a critical shortage of Type O Blood right now. I was even planning on doing a "Go donate blood" post.
Then the bridge fell.
No matter what your blood type is, go donate if you are able, but ESPECIALLY if your blood type is O! (Hellbob, I'm looking at you!)


Still haven't heard from a few of y'all!


beorcwyn: is new on my flist, so I really don't know anything about where he lives and if he's likely to have been near the bridge.
He has checked in and is ok
cleo &  romeoamattmn  is pretty sure they are out of town, but it would be great if any of the rest of y'all could confirm that.
Yes, cleo & romeoa are out of town. Thank you craftygeekette!

lady_gunsen: She doesn't post often, and jennett, she still doesn't drive, right? So I'm pretty sure she's fine.

lexinatrix: I haven't heard from you yet!!! bloodlossgirlis still worried about you too! If anyone knows about Lex please drop a comment!!
Thank you davedujour! Lex reports in ok, but without cell service.

I believe that every other Twin Cities person on my flist has been accounted for.


I was having major PMS chocolate cravings tonight, and I didn't think there was any chocolate in the house. Then I remembered the big ol' jug of irish cream in the fridge. Mmmm. That's chocolate! And there was some Kahlua in there two, so I mixed the two and it was yummy and satisfied my chocolate craving.

It also helped relax me. Even though I don't expect that anyone recovered from the river will be anyone I know, there is still always the possibility. Or it could be someone a friend or family member knows. And even if there is no one I know I still feel so bad for all the families who did know someone.

Yes, there were many moments of luck and good fortune preventing this tragedy from being so much worse. The resurfacing on the bridge had the traffic reduced down to just a fraction of the normal flow. It was summer, so it was still light out when it happened. If it had been January or February it would have been dark and freezing. The bus, full of children, wasn't one of the vehicles crushed under the bridge.
This could have been so much worse.

But it still doesn't seem like it could be real. These things don't happen in Minnesota, ya know? We don't have earthquakes. We don't have hurricanes. We're nice and safe in the middle of the country.

So, everyone, make sure you take time this week to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. And go donate blood. Even if you're not here in Mpls, and your blood won't go to the victims of the bridge collapse, it will still save lives. And if you aren't a wuss about needles and have a few hours to spare, look into donating plasma or platelets instead.