August 6th, 2007

South Pole

Moose is bored...

Moose is tired of traveling to places like the Carribbean an Europe. He wants to go somewhere new... I've got just the place for him!

mcpenguin is headed back to Antarctica for another season and I've somehow talked him into taking a passenger! Moose will fly from the US to McMurdo base with mcpenguin and after exploring it a for bit and posing for pictures, he will head on home before he gets stuck there for the whole winter. Yay!

Photo copyright info:

Public Domain. Credit: NOAA via pingnews. Additional information from source:

"Mount Erebus." In: "Scott's Last Expedition ....", 1913. Dodd, Mead, and Company. New York. Volume II. Page 210. Library Call No. G850 1910 .S35 1913 .

Image ID: corp2820, NOAA At The Ends of the Earth Collection
Location: McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Photographer: F. Debenham