August 19th, 2007

lump yawn

I'll catch up eventually...

Was up at my parent's cabin in Wisconsin for the weekend. I'll get caught up at some point... My flist is at skip=125, and twitter goes back about 30 pages. I don't think I'll be reading all those tweets!
The weekend was pretty exhausting. Piled into the cabin we had my mom & dad, me, hellbob, genevra, akdar, technomonkey_m, gigglemonkey_b, my brother P, his wife J, their kid X, my cousin J, his wife J, their kid S, her cousin E, and levertwok. 15 people in one cabin, cold rainy weather, and a pontoon boat we couldn't take out because the lake is too low. Definitely exhausting. But there was salad bowl, so it's all good.