August 20th, 2007

Bite me!


I'm getting that copy of iWork that Brian is sending me. The Fed-Ex tracking said it was supposed to be delivered on 8-18 w/indirect signature required. I know I'm going to be at the cabin on the 18th so I call Fed-Ex to find out what I can do to make sure it is delivered even though I won't be here. They say I can just leave a note telling where to leave the package.

Before leaving town I left a note on the door saying where to leave the package, and with my signature. I left this on the door we always use.

We got home today and found a Fed-Ex "we were here and you weren't so no package for you" tag on the front door. And no package.


The door they left the sticker on? Has a great big freakin' green arrow on it pointing to the side of the house! You know, towards the door we use! UPS can figure the arrow out. DHL can figure the arrow out. Pizza delivery folk can figure the arrow out. Even the god-damn door-to-door solicitors who can't figure out how to get a frackin' permit from the city can figure it out. But not Fed-Ex!

So I signed their "you weren't here and we're retarded" slip. Then I took my sign on the door that told them where to leave the package and taped it to a new note which was taped up next to the Fed-Ex sticky tag.

The new note was not a nice happy polite "please leave the package here, thank you" note like the first one had been. No, it says, "The big freakin' green arrow on this door means to go to the other door! If you had been smart enough to figure that out you would have found THIS note and known what to do with the package!" with an arrow pointing to the original note.

Yeah, it may have been an honest mistake on their part but it pissed me off because I did everything I should have had to do to get my package. Stupid Fe-Ex! You don't mess with a woman who hasn't had her Zoloft for 4 days!!!!
Bite me!

And Fed-Ex manages to piss me off even more...

It's 3:00 and Fed-Ex hasn't been here to re-attempt to deliver the package I should have already had. So I go to the online tracking and see an estimated delivery date of 08/21!

What. The. Fuck?!?!?

So I called and they were all like "Well they attempted to deliver and no one was there." I tell them that the driver ignored the arrow telling him to go to the other door and his response was "When it is indirect signature it is up to the driver's discretion whether to leave the package or not." THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE! If the driver had bothered to use his brain, and then looked at the note and decided not to leave it anyway why wouldn't he have also left the door tag on the same door as the note? And that 'driver's discretion' bullshit is there for when it comes to leaving packages in apartment buildings or shitty-ass neighborhoods. This is neither.

Then I ask him, well, why the hell isn't he attempting to redeliver today instead of waiting until tomorrow? I'm told that because it was shipped for home delivery they only deliver Tuesday through Saturday. Fine, I'll go pick it up. Which location is it at? It's way the fuck over in St. Paul on Energy Park Drive, and they aren't even open today so I couldn't pick it up even if I wanted to drive halfway across town.

There's no way I can even get it until tomorrow no matter what. My god! What if this was a package I needed rather than one I just wanted?!

So I told the phone guy to put a note on it to leave the damn package tomorrow. And what does he say? "It's up to the driver's discretion whether to leave it or not if no one is home." I sorta went off on the phone guy at that point. I was like, "No, not leaving it is NOT an option. I called before the delivery date when I saw that it was a day I wouldn't be home to find out what to do to ensure that I would get it. I was told that I could leave a signed note telling the driver where to leave it. He ignored a very large & obvious sign to go to the side door where that note was. Therefore the package that I expected to have waiting for me on Saturday wasn't there. Waiting until Tuesday is not acceptable, but I have no choice. The package WILL be waiting for me when I get home on Tuesday, PERIOD!"

Grrrr. I still haven't gotten my Zoloft either. Someone tell the world to please stop pissing me off!!!!
Wish I Was Dead


Goddamn it! I just went online to double check the start dates of my classes this semester and to see what books I would be needing. I wasn't registered for anything!!!! They fucking dropped me for non-payment even though my financial aid status says "ready to pay"
So I tried to reregister and only one of the three classes I had been signed up for was available!!! One of the classes that isn't available anymore is only offered in the fall. If I can't take it this semester I can't graduate in the spring. And if I can only take one class I can't get financial aid.
So now on top of everything else fucked up, it looks like I'm not going to be in school this semester either, and that means I won't be in school until next fall because most of the spring classes were portfolio & graduation prep, except for one that has a prereq that you have to take in the fall.
Well at least now I can look for jobs that don't have to work around my school schedule. And I can stop trying to find Photoshop jobs since I'm now two years from graduating instead of just one.
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