August 26th, 2007

Ordinary humans

It's that time of year again...

Fair post the first, Food!

Yesterday hellbob & I put on bright orange t-shirts emblazoned w/the Boston Scientific logo and headed over to that strange St. Paul side of town. We were off to the State Fair!

Apparently, so was everyone else in the state... I'm never going there on a Saturday again, not even with discount tickets from Rick's work!

At some point during the day I decided I should be taking pictures of all the fantastic food concoctions that our fair has to offer. If it can be deep-fried, put on a stick, or both, it was!
Unfortunately, due to my previous 3 days of intestinal discomfort I couldn't partake in as much fair goodness as I would have liked. The first stop for hellbob & I was our traditional Preferred Pickle deep-fried gourmet pickles though. They are soooo good and totally worth fighting through the crowds in the food building.