October 8th, 2007


It's just a headache. It's just this noise inside my head, Doctor. Constant noise inside my head.

Dammit! I'm getting a headache. I took some ibuprofen but it feels like it's coming on pretty strong & quick. Which reminded me of my last bad headache which came on hard & fast.
It was about two weeks ago. I also threw up that time. I don't know if the headache was a byproduct of what made me throw up, or if I threw up because the headache was so bad. Either way it didn't really matter at the time.
But now today I've got a headache again. And I rarely get headaches just out of the blue like this, and especially not so late in the evening. If I throw up again I have a good idea of the cause. That last time I had pizza from our favorite pizza place for dinner. That was what we had for dinner again tonight.
Normally I wouldn't have though that had anything to do with it, but getting a headache again and realizing that I'd had the exact same thing for dinner, it's got me wondering if they changed something in their recipe, or if I've developed a sensitivity to something. I know that it would make me very sad to not be able to have my favorite pizza anymore.
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