October 19th, 2007


Disapproving cat

"A book about just rabbits? No sir, I don't approve!"

I got my copy of the other Sharon's Disapproving Rabbits book today! Lump does *not* approve! She's in good company with her disapproval. The first page right inside the cover says:
"I disapprove of my name being used to sell this book." --Neil Gaiman
Hee hee! When the publisher wasn't sure if they were going to use his quote Neil called them up and insisted that they use it. They didn't argue.
Bite me!

Grrrrrr! I hate you all!!!!

I hate men today! All men! No exceptions! (Except my adorable nephews, of course.)

And why does the HellZiggy hate all men today?

Because I have cramps and I'm miserable and cranky and men don't get cramps. So I hate you all! I think all men should get kicked in the balls once a month so that they suffer too!!!!