January 6th, 2008


Death and Taxes...

Well, taxes anyway. No death.

It's that time of year again and W2s will start appearing in our mailboxes and we'll be doing that math to figure out if we're sending the government money or if we'll be getting money back from them.

I don't like paying someone to do my taxes, and I don't like having to pay a filing fee when I do them using Turbo Tax or Turbo Tax online. For the last two years I haven't had to pay a dime, and I won't have to this year either.

If you are a State Farm customer go to their website and log in. Once you are logged into your account scroll down to where it says 'addtional links' on the left side. One of those links should be "FREE tax filing." There are no strings and no hidden fees. It's the Turbo Tax online program, but when you check out at the end there is no charge.
Puppet Angel

Puppet sex!

hellbob & I are gonna go see Avenue Q next week! Yay! The internet is for porn!


We are going to the Tuesday night show. Since I just decided that we could afford the cheap seats on Friday, we're way up in the balcony in row Q.
Bite me!

Why I hate TicketBastard!

So I've got these tickets for Avenue Q on Tuesday. I went down to the State Theater on Friday to buy them.
One advantage to doing this instead of buying them online is that a real person could look at the charts and show me which seats were available instead of the online "best available" which doesn't let you really choose.
The other reason was to avoid the TicketBastard charges.

So, for two cheap seats I paid $54.00 total. I also put $0.50 cents in a parking meter. That is $54.50 for two tickets.
Just now out of curiosity I went through the TicketBastard system to see just how much I saved. Two cheap seats bought online would have cost me $77.32!
That is an extra $22.82 just for the convenience of buying online!
Plus it's an extra $2.50 if you want to print your own ticket using your own paper and ink instead of having TicketBastard print and mail them! How did they come up with that scheme?!? And why do people actually pick that option?!? I'm sorry, but if I am going to save you the trouble of printing and mailing I'm sure as hell not going to pay extra for it!!!

I have no problem paying a little extra for the convenience factor, but a 42% surcharge? That is fucking insane!!!