January 28th, 2008

Bite me!

The tubes don't work!

Sigh. My wireless on Chiana is kaput. She can still connect with an ethernet cable.
Hellbob got me a USB wireless dongle. I can get it to work at home (although not easily) but I can't get it to work at school.
Also, I picked up another external drive to do backups and although the school's desktop mac can see it, my laptop can't. This worries me. I hope this doesn't mean that my USB ports are going to be the next thing to go...
I've got to do a full backup of her using the nifty new Time Machine feature, just in case. I have all my photos backed up, and most of my music is on an external drive, but it will still be major suckage if she dies completely. :(
This using the school computer thing sucks!
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