February 13th, 2008

Impossible things

Ooh ooh child, what’d you think the cold winter’s gonna last forever?

If the First of May doesn't have any special meaning to you, you need to go HERE and download the mp3!

The incredibly awesome Jonathan Coulton will be returning to the Varsity Theater with his partners in crime, Paul & Storm.

And what day will this awesome event take place?

Why, the FIRST OF MAY, of course!!!

(and Madison peeps, he'll be there on May 2nd. Chicago people, you get to celebrate my awesome hellbob's birthday on May 3rd with a JoCo show!)
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    Lady Aberlin's Muumuu - Jonathan Coulton
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South Pole


Hey P, I just watched a really cool 1 hour documentary called "Cruising Antarctica." It was filmed back in 2004. I do believe I literally *squee*'d out loud when they showed the building sign that said "Antarctic Fire Department McMurdo Station!!!" LOL! If I burn it to DVD are you interested in a copy?