February 26th, 2008


Goddamn pretty sparkly lights!

First I had that headache this morning.
Then my leg was sore all day.
Now I'm in the middle of my SECOND occular migraine since getting home from school.
This one is on the left side. The last one was on the right side, like 95% of mine are.
Am I just falling apart or something?
I've got a doctor's appointment on Thursday with our pretty blond doctor because when I went in a week and a half ago with what I was sure was a UTI they had me pee in a cup. The results came in the mail last week and nothing grew in the culture, but there was a "large amount of blood." Joy. No, that doesn't stress me out at all. NEVER google medical symptoms. It's either a UTI, a kidney stone, or I have cancer and I'm going to die. If those are my choices, do I get to pick which one?
Time to go to be before something else on my body goes haywire!

A bright and shiny dragon

The world is less colorful and emptier than it was yesterday. Bob "Roadkill" Aiken died this morning.

From Susan on his Caring Bridge site: "Bob died this morning. He was asleep and then gone. The nurse called me to say he had taken a turn and could go anytime and when I got there he was already gone. They were wonderfully nice to me. The funeral director came and we dressed Bob in his wedding clothes. He has his scuba certificate paperwork and a cigar.

Right now I am not sure of anything. I will update when I have a confirmed date for his wake. I may or may not answer the phone but do leave a message or email.

There is a bright and shiny dragon, green and purple and blue, iridescent and rainbow hued with lots and lots of sliver winging his way to his next assignment.

The world has turned. New beginnings. Cry your soul clean. The circle is complete. Blessed Be."

I didn't know Roadkill very well. I met him for the first time in 2002 when I went to the first OmegaCon in Siren, WI. Almost all of my interactions with him have been at OmegaCon, where he would run the best consuite ever with his wife Susan. He was always fun and charming. He will be missed. God-damn fucking cancer!