March 9th, 2008


PSA for the Mpls peeps

Tickets for the Jonathan Coulton concert on

The First of May!

are on sale now.

If you are anywhere near Dinkytown you can go to the Loring Pasta Bar to purchase tickets for only $17.00 each (cash or check only.)
If you aren't able to get there, or if you just like paying TicketBastard lots of money you can get them online for $25.64 each (plus an extra $2.50 if you want to print them yourself!)

genevra, I've got 3 tickets for you, Karin, and Karin hubby. Y'all owe me $17 each. lucky13charm, I've got one for you too.

The current plan right now is for the Other Sharon (Birdchick) to be working the merch table with me again, but if she can't make it for some reason I'll holler out to see if one of y'all wants to help.


A meme stolen from the lovely msdillydally:
Put your iTunes or whatever on random and find photos of the first 25 artists that come up.
Post them and have your flist guess who they are.

But I ran out of steam at about 15 instead of 25. Anyhow, here are the pictures. Have fun!

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